((Gosh dang it! I told myself - nay - PROMISED myself I wouldn’t have to put to this message up but here it is. So school. Takes up a lot of time, eh? To cut to the chase I will be posting less frequently. I slightly hate myself fer that. In addition, the high holidays are coming up (jewish holidays: Rosh Hashana(new years), Yom Kippur, and then there’s Succos) so fer the next week or two weeks or so there will be extra less. I deeply apologize. In the mean time, why don’t ya fill up my ask box so I will have lots to answer when things settle down. I’ll try to answer the (few) questions i have during the holidays but no promises. Soory again.))

((Wow!!! thank you all so much! I’m floored (as you can see here)!!))

((dear goodness, click the pictures to see them. i have no idea why they look like that.))


((I AM SORRY FER NOT POSTING THE PAST FEW DAYS. you see, my computer often decides that it doesnt need internet. i usually use my mothers comp but i scan and upload all the posts here from my own. but i cant post anything caz my comp is a poop. i have a few pics waiting to be posted but. i. GAH.  *eats paper in front of self* i will try to post as soon as i possibly can. soory fer making you wait. ))

We would run.